A Brockton 30-year-old has been arrested and charged with the shooting death of Alberto Tavares, 16.

BROCKTON — A 30-year-old Brockton man has been arrested and charged with the killing of a city teenager, who was shot early Friday.

Tony Semedo-Cardoso, 30, has been arrested and charged with murder. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon in Brockton District Court.

Tavares was shot and killed while traveling in a motor vehicle on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018.

The circumstances of the shooting remain largely a mystery. City police and officials throughout the weekend referred all questions regarding the case to Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz, whose office would only confirm that the case is "active and ongoing."

Tavares early Friday Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital from a gunshot wound.

He was the first teenage victim of gun violence in the city dating back to 2011, when Kalvin Santos, 19, was shot and killed in the Campello neighborhood. Another teenager, 19-year-old James Ortiz, was also shot and killed earlier that year.

The location of Tavares’ shooting remains unknown — he was dropped off at the hospital about 1 a.m. Friday, the Plymouth County district attorney’s office said. Police did receive a Shotspotter notification of a single gunshot near Intervale Street about 25 minutes earlier, but found no ballistic evidence in the area.

Brockton Hospital is about 3 miles from Intervale Street.

Police later Friday investigated a home on Forest Avenue, where a vehicle was towed to the police station for further investigation. Residents of the home repeatedly declined comment to The Enterprise. A neighbor said no shooting had taken place there.

The initial release from the district attorney’s office did not mention any connection to the Forest Avenue investigation.

The investigation is “active and ongoing,” spokeswoman Beth Stone said. Anyone with information is asked to call state police at 508-894-2600.

Tavares’ death is the sixth from gun violence in the city in 2018, and the first in about three months. He is the youngest victim of gun violence dating back to at least 2010.

Brockton saw a rash of three shooting deaths in four weeks earlier in in the year before three summer months without a murder.

The most recent shooting came on Intervale Street in June when Anthony Baker Jr., 21, was shot and killed outside of his home near the intersection of Arthur Street.

“It’s kids killing kids. Why? But why my son?” Baker's mother, Brenda, told The Enterprise in June. "They’re just kids. They’re children killing children. It has to stop, it has to stop.”

Two men, Brockton's Andrew Tymek and Taunton's Christopher Nogueira, were arrested and later indicted in connection with that shooting, which prosecutors say was the result of a feud and ex-girlfriends.

After that shooting, City Councilor Jack Lally, who represents Ward 6, said he requested more police presence in the area, and planned to meet with Mayor Bill Carpenter and Police Chief John Crowley.

“What we really need to do is direct more attention to the area, which is something I’ve been pushing for, both public safety-wise and economically," Lally said in June. "We want to make sure that area gets better.”