"Songs of Friendship and Love," Schofield Elementary School’s annual kindergarten performance, was held on Wednesday, Feb. 14. The students began working on their repertoire right after New Year’s and they were excited to share their music with a large audience made up of the entire student body, staff, and parents. The children were decked out in their finest Valentine's Day outfits, and the palette of the day was red, pink, and white.


The tradition of “Songs of Friendship and Love” began in 1981 at Phillips School, a creation of music teacher Leslie Hoffman. When Phillips School closed in 1983, Hoffman moved to Fiske Elementary School and continued the program there. Several years later, Ms. Hoffman was transferred to Schofield, where the concert tradition continues to this day.


The young singers performed the following program:


“V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E” by B. Merrell


“Mail Myself to You” by Woody Guthrie


“Love Is Something If You Give It Away” by Malvina Reynolds


“My Little Puppy” by Bob McGrath


“Will You Be My Valentine?” by R. Porter


“I Love You”* by W. Wiseman


“Ten Little Valentines” by Ruth Roberts & Bill Katz


“Schofield School Song” by Woody Guthrie/arr. S. Gardner


* The program included a new song this year, "I Love You." The students sang about how much they loved their family and friends.