Folks in Danvers recognize Dave’s Mobil as a go-to place for car repairs, gasoline and everything else automotive. Teachers and administrators know brothers Dave and Jon Levine as not only owners of the service station, but as benefactors of education.

Because of their business success, Dave’s Mobil is one of many similar stations across the country eligible to apply for an ExxonMobil $500 education grant. This is the 21st year the Levine brothers have been able to ensure that the generous grant goes to a Danvers school.

For these dads, whose children have been educated in Danvers, local schools are a priority. The brothers are also aware that there are many educational enrichment tools available that exceed the annual school budget.

This year’s $500 grant is going to the Riverside School to bring current technology into its library.

It would seem that of the five elementary schools in town, Riverside is the only one lacking library technology, including smart boards, according to Principal Violetta Powers.

Powers explained there are so many educational opportunities that technology could provide and that are now missing in their library.

Some of the many skills and training she spoke of include creating a visual display of read-aloud books and developing library lessons and interactive learning games. With the addition of this technology, children and teachers would be able to access podcasts, create library map training and access the library catalog on a big screen.

“There are numerous Internet tools and lessons that are Educational Fair Use licensed for schools,” Powers said. “They make the possibilities for learning endless.”

“Fair use” is the right to use portions of copyrighted materials without permission for purposes of education, commentary, or parody — April 17, 2017,” according to online sources.

“It has been beneficial for the entire school’s administration and faculty to have the ability to use the large library space with this technology source,” Powers added. “Riverside School’s goal to create a learning commons area would be enhanced by the addition of a portable WiFi capable projector.”

This is just the type of educational project the Levine brothers are happy to recommend for the annual ExxonMobil Educational Alliance grant. The parent company’s philosophy is that as members of the community, local retailers are best qualified to work with local educators to identify the schools and the programs that are most in need of support, according to literature about the grant.

This is also why Dave’s Mobil has qualified to nominate one of the local schools to receive the award for more than two decades.

“As a successful all-service gas station that meets specific criteria, we are eligible to apply for one of more than 4,000 annual education grants awarded throughout the country,” Jon Levine said. “I am proud to help the young people of the town of Danvers. My brother and I are happy that we can meet the criteria to make us eligible for the grant.”