WAREHAM – There were 36 happy fifth and sixth graders that came back to Wareham Middle School Tuesday night for a video gaming competition, where they could test their skills against each other and compete for prizes.

Organized by the Wareham Middle School Parent Teacher Association, the annual event is supported by WCTV, which provided the technical assistance and emcee Scott Bordelon, who the students would visit for an interview on a green screen after they finished and go over what worked and what didn’t.

Parents and siblings lined the back rows to watch the gaming. WCTV’s Christian Fernandes, Jon Day and Renee Walsh all offered their technical expertise, filmed the gaming party and had games running on a screen in the auditorium’s stage so all the students could see the progression.

“I just got good,” said one boy when Bordelon asked him about his winning strategy.

“I’ve heard that a couple times from the kids tonight,” laughed Donna Lambert, who was inspired to start the event by her own son’s interest in a gaming party three years ago. “My son and his friends thought it would be a great idea as you are often gaming on your own, to have a lot of kids be able to game together.”

Lambert started it then and the PTA has separated it into fifth and sixth graders competing against each other one night in the school year, another night is for seventh and eighth graders.

“The kids love it and today we had a 50 percent greater turnout than we have had,” said Lambert.

To sweeten the pot, WCTV offered prizes of $75 for winner, $50 for second place and $25 for third place.