Love resigns

Amanda Love resigned from the board of selectmen effective Jan. 1, and she also leaves her post on the North Beach subcommittee.

An announcement was made at Monday’s selectmen meeting.

The remaining selectmen had a choice to either continue with four members until the next annual town election on May 17 or call a special town election to fill the unexpired term. Selectmen voted to continue with four members. Selectmen also voted for Selectman Jeffrey Dykens to fill Love’s position on the North Beach subcommittee.

If selectmen were to call a special town election at the Jan. 8 meeting and notify the town clerk the following day, the election may not legally occur until 64 days after the town clerk was notified. In this case, the earliest date the election could be held would be March 15, just two months before the annual town election on May 17.

Selectmen noted it costs a minimum of $6,000 to run a special election and said they didn’t believe it was worth the expense for such a limited time. Selectman Dean Nicastro noted that after speaking with the town clerk, if a special election were to occur in this time limit, it would allow only two weeks for people to get nomination papers out, signed and returned. He said customarily seven weeks are allotted for this process.

It is possible for 200 registered voters to petition for selectmen to call a special election, but the request may not be filed less than 100 days prior to the date of May 17.

Each selectman works as a liaison to different boards and committees in town. On Monday, selectmen reassigned Love’s liaison duties as follows; Shareen Davis for airport commission and Aunt Lydia’s Cove committee, Dean Nicastro for board of assessors and bikeways committee, Jeffrey Dykens for cable advisory committee and traffic safety committee, and Cory Metters for conservation commission and south coastal harbor plan committee.

Love currently works as an administrative assistant to the Eastham town assessor. The remainder of Love’s term will appear on the annual town election on May 17 as a 1-year unexpired term, as her term was set to expire on May 16, 2019.

Beach woes

At Monday’s selectmen meeting, selectman Shareen Davis expressed her frustration that an Orleans and Chatham North Beach subcommittee meeting has not yet occurred.

The towns have been trying to work out an inter-municipal agreement (IMA) regarding access and wildlife monitoring along the eight-mile stretch of Nauset Beach, south of the Orleans parking lot.

In a letter sent to Orleans Town Administrator John Kelly, Davis said that at a joint meeting in September between Orleans selectmen and Chatham selectmen, it was agreed that each board would formulate subcommittees that would organize and meet to discuss the IMA face to face. The subcommittee members would then go back to their full boards with recommendations and a revised agreement. Attached in the letter was a revision of the Chatham program costs that Orleans had requested.

“I’m a little frustrated and I wanted to bring it to [the board’s] attention to understand that we’re attempting due diligence and we really want to work this out because this is an important agreement we need to come to terms with,” Davis said on Monday. She added that this is the second letter sent to the town of Orleans requesting a subcommittee meeting and Orleans has yet to establish its subcommittee.

“The last time [the board] met with Orleans it seemed that they were really [determined] in getting together and working this out so I’m sort of surprised by the lack of response,” Selectman Jeffrey Dykens said. Chatham’s subcommittee members consisted of Davis and Amanda Love, but with Love’s resignation, Dykens will now take her position.

COA trip

The council on aging will be closed on Monday, Jan. 15, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On Wednesday, Jan. 17, the COA will be offering transportation to and from Whole Foods. Seniors are invited to visit the Whole Food’s store for a variety of different events, samplings and educational classes.

The time frame for the trip is as follows: The COA bus will leave at 9 a.m. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The COA bus will then depart Whole Foods by noon, returning directly to Chatham.

Reservations are required and space is limited. Call the COA at 508-945-5190 for information & registration.

Town openings

It was announced at Monday’s selectmen meeting that a full-time member of the conservation commission has resigned – leaving two full-time vacancies and all associate member vacancies. The commission needs these positions filled.

There are currently several job postings on the town web page. The town is looking for a reserve police officer, secretary to the COA, full-time year-round laborer for the DPW, special equipment operator at the DPW, and senior heavy equipment operator at the transfer station.

For more information on the conservation commission openings or job postings visit

Creek open

Effective Jan. 16, the waters and flats of Muddy Creek southwest of a line drawn across the mouth of the creek, as defined at low tide, and northeast of the Route 28 bridge are open to the taking of shellfish by permit holders until further notice.


Tuesday, Jan. 16 Historical commission, 9 a.m. Park & recreation commission, 5 p.m. Economic development committee, 6 p.m. Board of selectmen, 6 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 17 Committee for the disabled, 10 a.m. Conservation commission, 4 p.m. Barnstable county assembly of delegates, 4:30 p.m. Historic business district commission, 4:30 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 18 Golf advisory committee, 3 p.m.