Reasons for new library building


A recent letter to the editor encouraged the continued use of 5 Concord Road as Wayland’s only free public library (“Group supports use of current library building,” Nov. 30); we dearly wish that were possible.

The Library Planning Committee’s (LPC) assumption and first choice was to expand the current library building rather than constructing a new library. Unfortunately, many studies of 5 Concord Road have come to the same conclusion – there is no legal and financially responsible way to increase the size and improve the function of this iconic building to meet the needs of Wayland residents today and into the future.

Wayland’s Aquifer Protection bylaw forbids any expansion at 5 Concord Road – at all. Further, if a modest addition could be added to this historic building, the 1988 addition (the rear portion) must be demolished and completely rebuilt. The existing foundation cannot support a second story. Any new construction triggers the application of today’s Building Code, resulting in greatly increased construction costs. All of this cannot be “accomplished for less than half the cost of the new building,” as was suggested.

In the opinion of Tappe Architects, the firm working with the Library Trustees and the Library Planning Committee, the cost to Wayland’s residents of an addition with a second floor would be about the same as that of constructing the new proposed library near Wayland Middle School – about $18.5 million. (The total construction cost of the proposed new library is about $28.9 million, with the state grant of $10.1 million reducing this total cost to $18.9 million.) Any possible expansion of 5 Concord Road will not qualify for a state funded library construction grant – it would be borne completely by residents.

Even if expansion of the library building at 5 Concord Road were possible, parking would remain inadequate. If the Freight House could be relocated, only eight to 10 parking spots would be gained. The challenging entrance and egress to the site would remain.

The wise decision to remove the 29-year-old septic structures and tie into the wastewater system at the Town Center was made to safeguard the future use of this public building. This building can continue to be a significant part of Wayland’s civic life for many years to come.

We, too, are champions of 5 Concord Road. It is our expressed intention that it continue to serve as an active town building. At the Library Planning Committee’s Oct. 19 forum, many ideas were suggested for the future of this iconic building should it have a new purpose. This can be accomplished without the extensive changes to this lovely, historic building that last week’s contributor suggests.

For about the same amount of money, we can have both the current historic building, plus a new library that serves today’s and tomorrow’s needs. The Library Planning Committee is happy to answer any further questions residents may have about this important project. Please visit the library’s website to learn more about this important investment in the future of our community or visit the new Facebook page dedicated to this project – Wayland Library Moving Forward. – Tom Fay, chairman, Library Planning Committee

Money raised for children in need


The Wayland Girl Scouts would like to thank the many elementary schoolchildren who trick-or-treated for UNICEF this Halloween. Due to their efforts and the generosity of those who contributed, we were able to raise over $1,750 for children in need.

This is an annual public service project that the Wayland fifth-grade troops at Loker, Claypit and Happy Hollow coordinate. – Amy O’Donnell, Wayland Girl Scouts