After seven years of driving past Proctor Field as the athletic director of Weston High School, Mike McGrath felt the pride of a brand new synthetic turf field being completed just before Thanksgiving.

A year-and-a-half of meetings, a vote and construction have culminated in something the town of Weston can now call theirs.

“It’s going to be something the town of Weston, everywhere from residents, to people involved with youth sports, and school systems can look at and be really proud of,” McGrath said. “They can look at something and say this is ours and it makes our complex even better than it was before.”

Previously a grass field, McGrath saw this opportunity as a perfect storm to change the complex for the better and with full support from the town, and a precise and detailed plan, it happened.

The Wildcats had one turf field that was used for football, soccer and lacrosse. That field’s carpet was redone and with the new one built, McGrath knew it would make life much easier for everyone involved with athletics.

“When you look at most of the schools through the Dual County League, many have not just one, but multiple turf fields,” McGrath said. “Having a turf field at your disposal is extremely helpful when dealing with inclement weather.

“I wouldn’t say it was a necessity because we had a turf field that was a little over 10 years old at the time, but it was something that would be helpful for our athletic department, the school and the community,” he said.

Between an old field, lights that didn’t illuminate the field well enough and a worn down track that wasn’t able to be used for the track team for two years, McGrath knew it was time for a change.

Although a grand opening will happen in the spring to celebrate all of the sports teams, Proctor Field was broken in by the Weston football team for its Thanksgiving game, which was a welcome sight for coach Rich Brissette, whose team had been playing away from Weston High all season long.

The team practiced the day before Thanksgiving, giving players an opportunity to see the field once before the game against Wayland.

“It was a good experience. I’m looking forward to playing half of our games there at least [next year],” Brissette said. “The kids are excited about it and some of the recent alumni had come back.

“Comments were, ‘I’d spend another year in high school if I knew I could play on this field,’ and it was kind of neat to have them come back and express what they saw.”

Brissette said he was told by McGrath in early November that the team would be ready to roll on the field for Thanksgiving.

“We never really dwelled on the fact that we weren’t playing at home,” Brissette said. “We knew we wouldn’t be there before Thanksgiving, but to have our game there we kind of saw the light.”

After the vote passed at Town Meeting to go ahead with the project, McGrath said that everything went exactly to plan and all details were transparent and clear.

The existing turf field was completed by the start of the fall season on schedule and there were several new elements that were added to the complex as well.

“We have a nice walkway leading up to Proctor Field and we did over Pastor Park right by the tennis courts and enhanced that and made it a nice area with new benches,” McGrath said.

Previously, Weston had a snack shack, but now there is a concession building, which is something McGrath knows is a huge upgrade.

“[It] houses bathroom, closets which will house all of our lighting panels and everything to get Proctor Field lit up,” the AD said. “Underneath is a large storage area we can keep track equipment in.”

In addition, Weston also added lanes to its straightaway track, netting behind the end zones that will help to catch lacrosse and soccer balls, and brought the jumping pits into the track area, plus added a sports wall for kicking or throwing a ball against.

McGrath said the school was fortunate that the weather held up and there weren’t many rainy or cold days during the construction process.

“They were able to put the pedal to the metal,” McGrath said. “The company that did the actual job, RAD, they were tremendous.”

McGrath noted the field will be used for football, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, track and occasionally field hockey. With that mind, McGrath is thrilled the vote passed and the school was able to go ahead with this major project.

“When the vote came to fruition, the town showed up in droves,” McGrath said. “It was very clear this is something the town wanted.”

Now comes the time for the town, school and community to enjoy it.