Dylan's Bar & Grill is back open under its original management, after two previous tenants did not work out in the long run.

BROCKTON – A popular Brockton bar and restaurant is back under its original ownership, recently re-opening after being shuttered since the summer with an uncertain future.

Dylan's Bar & Grill held a grand re-opening on Saturday after being closed for the last six months. The owner of the business, which is known for its steak tips and massive pizza pies, said that his loyal customers are happy to be back.

“It's like a little family,” said Paul Fuhs, after taking the reins back from the previous management. “It's a great atmosphere. Everyone gets along. We have a good time together.”

Dylan’s Bar & Grill, which is located at 789 Centre St., was being operated under a different management after Fuhs bowed out of the picture about a year ago.

“I like the customers, but I don’t like the business aspect of it,” Fuhs said. “I got out of it for a reason. It can be stressful. You have no life.”

And then another management group took over in November, leasing the building from Fuhs and trying to turn it into a entirely different restaurant under a different name. But the owner said that didn’t work out.

“They were trying to make it into a fancy restaurant,” Fuhs said. “Fancy restaurants don't fly in Brockton, unfortunately.”

Fuhs said that he opened the restaurant six years ago, naming it “Dylan’s” after his teenage son. The bar and restaurant, which has been featured on Wicked Bites on NESN, was always a dream for Fuhs, who has been in the hospitality industry for about 20 years, owning a bar previously in the Lithuanian Village of Brockton.

“I always wanted this building,” Fuhs said. “Don't ask me why. I had a chance to get it at a property auction, and opened another bar.”

Now the billiard tables and dart boards are back at Dylan’s, which has previously been a host to Thanksgiving volunteer dinner effort, along with various political and community functions. And customers have been receptive since the recent re-opening, Fuhs said.

“I'm just glad to be open again,” Fuhs said. “Everybody said they are glad we are back open again. They couldn't wait for me to re-open.”