Local lobstermen are feeling left out in the cold with no place to store their traps for the winter season.

“A lot of us would store them in our backyards, but then the neighbors complain,” said Ray Bates, who is leading an effort to get the town to set aside a place for trap storage. “They go right to the Board of Health, they call them unsightly.”

What’s a lobsterman to do?

Bates recently dropped off a petition at the Health Department asking “the Board of Health to set aside a space for winter time lobster trap storage at the refurbished transfer facility grounds.” It has been signed by more than 30 lobstermen who all work in Marblehead.

The petition goes on to say that some local lobstermen have to store their traps as far away as Groveland because they have nowhere in town to go. Bates said the men are willing to pay a modest fee of a $1 per trap and would limit the storage time from Dec. 1 to June 1.

“All gear would be moved from site after this time and those who don’t would lose privileges of usage,” reads the petition.

Health Director Andrew Petty said he’s not ruled out the possibility of storing traps at the Woodfin terrace facility, but he does have concerns. He said the traps must be stored on pavement or in non-vegetated areas, but areas matching that description all have dedicated uses and were never intended for trap storage. He said they would have to find a place that’s out of the way of snow removal so the traps wouldn’t get damaged and rodent control would have to be taken into consideration.

“There is a ton of tarmac not being used and we’d be willing to pay for it,” Bates said.

He also argued other towns, such as Nahant and Swampscott, offer such a service and he believes the impact on the Transfer Station would be minimal.

Bates said he plans to present the Board of Selectmen with a copy of the petition as well, but Town Administrator John McGuinn said he has yet to see the petition. However, he has heard of it. He also said the issue is not quite as simple as it sounds.

“It’s not a matter of being unsympathetic to the issue,” he said. “We’re trying to find something that would work for everyone.”

Bates said he remembers a time when Recreation and Parks provided a spot for the traps, but there was only room for about 100. He also remembers a time years ago when the old wooden traps were considered iconic and no one much minded seeing them stacked in people’s yards, but now that they are made of yellow or green coated wire “they’re unsightly.”

Petty said he planned to inform his board of the request and hopes to have it on the December agenda.

Bates said he’s not sure what will happen with the petition, but if nothing comes of it, he has another suggestion for town officials.

“Maybe it’s time to change the town logo,” he said, referring to the town seal that depicts a fisherman in dory pulling a line. “Fisherman used to have a voice in this town, but not so much anymore. Maybe they should change it to a real estate agent.”