A parking plan for the town's new senior center will go before Falmouth Planning Board for review on October 17.

Assistant Town Manager Peter Johnson Staub told the Falmouth Recreation Committee on October 11 that the new plan calls for 250 spaces, which is 63 spaces more than currently exists at the parking lot outside of the Gus Canty Community Center, to which the new center will be adjoined.

Staub said of the 250 proposed spaces, 90 would allocated for the senior center. Another 150 spaces would be for the Gus Canty building, while another 10 would be assigned to the Edward Marks Jr. Building on Main Street.

The majority of parking spaces will be in front of Gus Canty and the new senior center. Additional parking will be located behind the buildings, as well as additional spaces along portions of a one-way road leading out to Dillingham Avenue.

Other features of the plan, which was designed by the engineering firm Tetra Tech, include a second Main Street entrance on the west end of the property, which will also allow vehicles to take left and right turns out of the property onto Main Street.

Handicap access will also increase on the site under the new parking plan. While the property currently has 12 ADA-compliant parking spaces, the new plan calls for 17 such spaces.

The parking plan for the senior center is separate from parking at the neighboring Falmouth Police Station, which is also expected to undergo renovations this spring. The capital improvement plan for Fiscal Year 2018 calls for $650,000 in free cash to be put toward reconfiguring parking and addressing drainage and lighting issues on police property.

Funding for the parking improvements will be covered in the overall cost of the senior center's design and construction, Staub said. He added  that the parking costs will likely be less than the $650,000 for the police station work.

Others in attendance of last week's recreation meeting asked if, in the future, there might be plans for additional parking for Falmouth Commodores games. Staub said there are no such plans for the property. However, he said options for the town's current senior center across the street on Dillingham Avenue could include space for additional parking.

Conversation then turned to plans for the playground outside of the Gus Canty building, which will be relocated elsewhere on the property to make way for the new senior center. Staub said the high school football field behind Gus Canty must first be relocated back to high school property on Brick Kiln Road before the playground is re-sited.

"When a football field is no longer needed there, there will be plenty of room for a playground," he said.

Staub said that he expects the planning board will vote on the parking plan by the end of the month. If approved, the town will go out to bid to hire a owner's project manager and architect for the senior center's design and construction.