“Freedom's Ring” melds contemporary, historical characters.

First-time author Heidi Chiavaroli makes ends meet between historical fact and realistic fiction in a novel that ties together two significant moments in local history.

Pursuing publication for 11 years, Chiavaroli’s sixth manuscript and debut novel, “Freedom’s Ring,” anticipates a long shelf life.

Swansea’s Chiavaroli recently hosted a book launch event at the Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth, where she signed copies of her novel and spoke in detail of what inspired her to write the fictional story of two women caught in the throes of tragedy — one weathering the loss of a brother in the Boston Massacre, and the other bearing witness to the Boston Marathon bombings.

“The Boston Marathon bombings hit close to home for me, and the fact that it was after the Sandy Hook tragedy, too, it put a lot of fear into me. I found myself living in this fearful place,” said Chiavaroli to a large audience during the launch event.

“When that happened, I started mistrusting people. It was making me a fearful person. A lot of what this book’s theme revolves around is fear and how I came out and conquered my fear.”

So, Chiavaroli decided to explore writing as a way to ease her unease.

Pair these incentives with a strong affinity toward history, and “Freedom’s Ring” took off with a weighted message. “From the beginning I knew that the Massacre would be the thing that propelled the story just because of the similarities of… both these tragedies.”

Chiavaroli is proud to perpetuate a theme of realism and making connections within her own work.

“I put these two women, one contemporary and one historical, in both these tragedies, and even though they’re hundreds of years apart there are so many similar things they are feeling as characters,” Chiavaroli said.

She explained enjoying exploring these similarities because “we’re really not any different in many ways to the people that came before us.”

Between the historical heroine and her contemporary counterpart, “Freedom’s Ring” seeks to forge an impactful link that spans time and lifestyle.

Today, though, Chiavaroli hopes “to inspire people to live more boldly. I think a lot of us live in fear of [a tragedy] happening, and I think when we can get past that there’s so much freedom.”

“I hope mostly that they just enjoy a good story,” said Chiavaroli, grateful for the enormous support and interest the community has shown for her work.

“Freedom’s Ring” is available at the Swansea Public Library, and other local bookstores, as well as online at Amazon.com.

But for now, Chiavaroli plans to keep on writing, closing her event with the announcement that a second novel is planned for release next May.