ORLEANS -- Plenty of artists would consider a sell-out show in Paris to be the pinnacle of their success, and who could argue with them?

John Murphy might.

He’s known to many Cape Codders as the owner of the iconic Land Ho! restaurants in Orleans and Harwich Port, but he’s also a painter whose works have been celebrated since he began showing professionally back in 1986.

The Addison Art Gallery, 43 Route 28, Orleans, will hold a public reception for an exhibit featuring Murphy’s latest works on Saturday, Oct. 14, from 5 to 7 p.m.

The display, “Travels With John,” will include his recent works from Cape Cod, Williamstown, Nantucket and Maine.

“While many are familiar with Murphy’s works from France and Costa Rica, collectors who have previewed the work for this show have noted how wonderfully he has captured the sense of place in the areas he knows as home,” says gallery owner Helen Addison.

As for his sell-out show, it was at the ERG Gallery on Rue Jacob, in Paris, in 2004. (He’s also had a previous sell-out show at Addison.)

Says the artist, an Orleans resident: “Others would consider my sold-out shows, especially my show in Paris, to be my most impressive accomplishments. However, I am most proud of the opportunities I have to give back to my community, which has been my home for over 40 years.”

His artist’s statement reveals some of his technique. “I begin my paintings by slowly building up colors, starting from broad patches of color, which are refined over time until the smallest details become visible. I pay close attention to the temperature of my paint and work to build an appealing luminosity that adds life to the scene.”

While Murphy is mostly self taught, he attended Boston's  Butera School of Art and spent decades working alongside master painters Robert Douglas Hunter, Thomas Dunlay and Neil Drevitson. Visit this site to view a preview of the show: addisonart.com/john-murphy.