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(Reflective music for today's Pause for Prayer...)

I wait for you, Lord,
   I've waited for so long       I've waited in so many ways

I wait to find you, to know you,
   to believe in you...

I wait for you to show yourself,   to show your face and let its light      shine bright upon my own

I wait for you to speak to me,   to speak a word I understand:      a word my heart can grasp,
      a word my heart can hold,
      a word my heart can keep,
      a word that brings me peace...

I wait to find the truth that sets me free, Lord:   free from all that holds me fast      in my confusion, fear and doubtI wait for you to hear my prayer 
   and answer me,
I wait for you to hear my prayer
   - and answer me...

I wait for your Spirit to move in me,
   to nudge me, to shake me 'til I wake:
I wait for your Spirit to stir within
   and let me know that you're with me
      and I'm with you...
I wait to hear a word from you    of where to turn, what path to take,
      which choices I should make... 

I wait for you to calm my fears, 
   my anxious, lonely heart,       my worried, troubled soul
I wait for you to help me find 
   even just a little peace of mind, Lord,
      even just a little... I wait to find your presence in my daily rounds:   in the ordinary people, times and places       where I least expect but really need to see you...
I wait to know your mercy:    the forgiveness of my sins, 
   the cleansing of my soul,   refreshment for my spirit...

I wait because I trust you'll never fail 
   to help me to begin again, anew:my slate wiped clean, 
   my sins absolved,
   my broken  heart mended, healed and pardoned...
I wait for you
   even when I'm not sure why I wait -      and then I wait some more -for in the waiting I begin, at last,
   to see you in the dark 
      and hear you in the silence...

In the waiting I begin to know 
   your presence and your face
and to feel your gentle touch    in the care of those around me,those whose hearts and hands are yours, Lord,
   whose voice and word are yours...
       In the quiet of my Advent prayer    I wait for you, Lord, 
      and I trust, I know
         you wait for me


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