Forgive us, Lord,
our domestication
of your incarnation...

Forgive us
for focusing on buying
and buying and buying more things
when what you ask
is that we spend ourselves,
in generous love
and for others...

Forgive us for wasting
time, energy and money,
on the transient, foolish
and unnecessary...

Forgive us for singing carols of peace
and songs of joy
while refusing to forgive and reconcile
with family, old friends and neighbors...

Forgive us
for over-the-top generosity
in giving to those who already have so much
while dropping spare, loose change
in the Salvation Army kettle...

Forgive us for making time
for shopping, baking and partying
but finding little or no time
to be with you in the quiet,
in our hearts,
in prayer...

Forgive us, Lord,
our painstaking detail
in wrapping gifts and decorating our homes
while paying scant attention
to the resources we thus waste, deplete
and throw away...

Forgive us for eating and drinking too much
and for throwing away the leftovers
when so many hunger, so many thirst
for life's most basic necessities...

Forgive us for teaching our children
about reindeer and Santa,
and for the time and effort we invest
on our elf on the shelf -
but forgetting to teach our young ones
the story of Jesus
whose birthday it is...

Forgive us, Lord,
though we trust you indulge the joy we take
in this season's tinsel and trappings,
forgive us, Lord,
for the ways we forget
you're the reason for this season...

Forgive us, Lord,
our domestication
of your incarnation...



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